The Engines listed below are currently included in EnDyn’s Exchange Engine Program and are available to our customers (please call for current pricing). All engines are completely remanufactured to as new specifications (zero hour overhaul), load tested, and ready for installation. All EnDyn Exchange Engines include a one (1) year New Engine warranty.

6G-825 (new style)
8G-825 (new style)
8G-825 (inter. style)
8GTL-825 (new style)
8GTLX (new style & inter. style)
L-7042G (1000 rpm)
L-7042GSI (1200 rpm)

  • Quoted Prices are FCA Alice, Texas (please contact our Alice, TX offices for current price and availability).
  • Prices are based on normal parts replacement in exchanged (core) engine, labor, & load testing. These prices require that the core engine is same as EnDyn engine (like vintage and auxiliary parts such as governor, starter, ignition system (non-shielded, non-painted coils), turbo, etc.)
  • Not included in the exchange price is the replacement of any major components or any required repairs to the crankshaft, exhaust/intake manifolds, bedplate (align bore), and cylinder block (upper & lower sleeves). Note: EnDyn will advise customer of all repairs other than normal (see examples below) immediately after tear down and inspection of the core; these items will be available for customer inspection and disposition for a maximum of 14 days pending other arrangements.
    Crankshaft – Any repair charges to the crankshaft will be additional to the above exchange prices (i.e. chrome). In the event the crankshaft is not repairable beyond standard chrome, an alternate core or core charge will be required.
    Cylinder Heads – In the event any cylinder head is cracked or required machining.
    Auxiliary Assys – In the event any main component such as housings, cover plates, sprockets, etc. are not acceptable for standard repairs.
    Connecting Rods – In the event any connecting rod is not acceptable for standard repairs and/or has old style nuts/bolts.
    Studs – In the event that any studs are coarse by coarse for cylinder heads, main bearing caps, and / or bed to block area. EnDyn engines standardized on coarse by fine studs.
  • Included in the exchange price:
    Cylinder Heads – All normal repairs.
    Connecting Rods – All normal repairs including re-sizing the bearing bore.
    Turbochargers – All repairs up to $4,200.00 for Superior® and $3,000.00 for Waukesha VHP®

Note that EnDyn will add other engine models to our exchange program at customer request. We also carry other engine types including: Ajax®, Waukesha VHP® and Caterpillar. EnDyn will also quote Long Blocks (does not contain any engine mounted auxiliary equipment: governors, manifolds, turbo area, oil cooler, etc.) and Short Blocks (same as Long Block without power cylinder heads) at the customers request.

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March 2018