Integral Engines and Compressors

All your Ajax® Needs

EnDyn manufactures new replacement parts, known as PowerParts®, for Ajax® Integral engines and compressors. From the EA-22 to the DPC-800 and DPC-2804-LE, we are committed to providing 100% coverage for new replacement parts for your Ajax® equipment. Standard overhaul parts are on-the-shelf ready for immediate shipment. Our multi-million dollar inventory is supported by a specialized computer inventory control system that continually monitors parts availability and production scheduling, resulting in faster deliveries and reduced downtime.


In 1995, EnDyn was first in our industry to introduce Just-In-Time (JIT) Overhaul, Maintenance, and Inspection Kits for our Ajax® product line. EnDyn’s JIT kits benefit our customers through decreased inventory carrying cost and decreased downtime during overhauls. Customers can order a standard JIT kit or we can customize one to meet your specific requirements. As with all normally stocked PowerParts®, unused parts can be returned for full credit.

Exchange Program

In addition to new replacement parts, EnDyn provides reconditioned and exchange parts & assemblies for Ajax® engines and compressors. All Exchange and Remanufactured parts and assemblies are remanufactured to as new specifications and condition, all with a one (1) year no-nonsense warranty. Common remanufactured items such as Power Cylinders, Connecting Rods, Crankshafts and Fuel Injection Valves are stocked. Also, remanufactured engines, compressors, and compressor cylinders are available upon request and carry a new unit warranty of one (1) year.

Upgrade Kits/Conversions

EnDyn also offers upgrade solutions for Ajax® engines and compressors. Gas injection kits, low emission kits, external starting system kits, and governor up-grade kits are some of the available products.

Re-Engineered Solutions

EnDyn has been a pioneer in Re-Engineering Solutions for existing Ajax® equipment. Our Product Bulletins and Technical Bulletins give detailed information on equipment updates such as Shim to Precision Bearing Con Rod Conversions, Opposed Balance Weight Kits for DPC Units, and Compressor Piston Castings, just to name a few.