Over 37 years ago, two individuals who worked for Cooper Energy Services saw opportunities to utilize their engine and compressor experience with the OEMs to do their own thing. The long established oil and gas fields in South Texas presented an initial opportunity for them to build on their experience and flex their entrepreneurial spirit. Locating in Alice, Texas, just north of the historic King Ranch was ideal as Alice is considered the Hub of South Texas and more importantly, the center of the South Texas oil and gas industry. The original concept of the company was a customer-centered business focused on providing quality Superior® and Ajax® engine and compressor parts to the region, nation, and the global marketplace.
Jay Downes and Tracy Little, who had worked together for the Superior® division of Cooper, left in 1978 and formed Energy Dynamics, Inc. (EnDyn.) Tracy, Jay, and his wife Rheba set up shop in a single office that had space only for a desk, phone, and a lot of confidence. It was a decision that none of them have lived to regret. Today, EnDyn has grown far beyond their expectations into a thriving global company respected for engineering and manufacturing of OEM-quality parts (PowerParts®) for Superior® and Ajax® engines and compressors. In 1981, EnDyn acquired Oilfield Motor Service Inc. (OMS) of Alice, adding the experience of a 50 year old service company to its overall capacity and capabilities. Renamed the EnDyn Service Division in its 55th year, the center includes engine, compressor and packaged unit overhaul bays, sub-assembly repair areas, and in-house machine shop capabilities. In 1990, EnDyn installed one of the first engine-load test stands capable of load testing high torque medium and low speed industrial engines such as Superior®, Ajax®, and others up to 1600 BHP. The facility has lathes, milling machines, grinders, five and ten ton cranes and other general and specialty tools required in the inspection, testing and overhaul of engines and compressors. In addition, EnDyn’s Industrial Supply Store in Alice continues to carry a large inventory of parts and assemblies, and is a distributor and manufacturer’s representative for engine/compressor related companies including Altronic, Ingersoll-Rand, Kimray, Stitt, Champion, IPD, Waukesha®, PowerParts®, Murphy and others. Since 1947, the Alice-based service operation has been serving the oil and gas industry from the same location.

Jay Downes and Tracy Little, co-founders of EnDyn (1981)

OMS – Alice, Texas Store Front (1955)


OMS – Alice, Texas Store Renovated (1965)

Internationally, EnDyn established EnDyn de Venezuela in 1992 as a wholly owned subsidiary to provide parts and service for Superior®, Ajax®, Waukesha® and Caterpillar product lines in that area of South America. The 40,000 square foot facility includes a warehouse, machine shop, component repair center, large bays for complete package overhauls and 7,500 square feet of office space. Additionally, a global distribution base was established for its PowerParts® products and services with a network of distributors and agents located throughout South America, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Pacific Rim, Australia, Trinidad, and China. EnDyn added manufacturing capabilities in 2001 with the acquisition of Monroe Industries, located in San Antonio, Texas. Monroe, incorporated in 1971, is a manufacturing, fabrication and general machining center that services the construction, mining, safety, medical, and oil & gas production industry. The machine shop offers complete turn-key solutions to machining needs, including material procurement, heat-treating, turning, milling, grinding, honing, welding, plating, assembly, packaging, and delivery.

EnDyn de Venezuela, opened in 1992 in San Jose de Guanipa

EnDyn attributes their success to quality, customer service, and innovation. “We don’t just duplicate OEM parts, but improve upon them when the situation warrants”, says Tracy Little, CEO. We’ll re-design a part when we believe the part can be improved upon, such as we have done with cam followers, pilot fuel check valves and many others. EnDyn’s commitment to quality was the driving force for their 1994 ISO-9000 Certification, which the company still holds today. Today, EnDyn features a 25,000 square foot parts facility, and, along with 33,000 square feet of service and overhaul space and its manufacturing facility, boasts over 100,000 total square feet of manufacturing, service/repair, warehouse and office space, specializing in the procurement and manufacturing of parts for the Superior®, Ajax® and Waukesha® product line. EnDyn also offers engineering and technical expertise, service and training for these products. Through its network of agents and distributors, EnDyn has grown from a South Texas operation into a worldwide provider of quality parts and services. Domestically, EnDyn has 16 sales and service locations which provide overhauls, re-manufacturing, installation and start-up, testing and troubleshooting, and maintenance inspection. Jay Downes, founder and past president of EnDyn passed away in 2000, but his entrepreneurial spirit lives on. He and Little built EnDyn around a strong value statement that became a cornerstone of the company:

“This company is nothing more or less than a group of people who have voluntarily joined together in a common enterprise. The things we build, produce, service and the way we respond to our customer requirements are the direct result of our collective character.”



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