Industrial Combustion Engines and Compressors

One-Stop Shop

EnDyn specializes in the manufacture of new replacement parts for Superior engines and compressors. Our product line, known as PowerParts®, is sold worldwide to the many users in the gas compression industry. Our multi-million dollar inventory allows us to provide 100% coverage for new replacement parts for your Superior equipment. From the 6G-510 to the Model 40 Diesel and the 16SGTB Cleanburn, EnDyn is your one-stop shop. Standard overhaul parts are on-the-shelf ready for immediate shipment.

Research and Development

EnDyn’s R&D programs improve upon new PowerParts® to insure against premature failure of critical engine and compressor items. After parts are manufactured and pass our QC inspection process, they are installed in a test engine and tested under load to insure conformability and stability.


In 1995, EnDyn was first in our industry to introduce Just-In-Time (JIT) Overhaul, Maintenance, and Inspection Kits for our Superior product line. EnDyn’s JIT kits benefit our customers through decreased inventory carrying cost and decreased downtime during overhauls. Customers can order a standard JIT kit or one can be customized to meet your specific requirements. As with all normally stocked PowerParts®, unused parts can be returned for full credit.

Exchange Program

In addition to new replacement parts, EnDyn provides reconditioned and exchange parts & assemblies for Superior engines and compressors. EnDyn remanufactures all Exchange and Remanufactured parts and assemblies to as new specifications and condition, all with a one (1) year no-nonsense warranty. Common remanufactured items such as Power Cylinder Heads, Camshafts, Crankshaft, Connecting Rods, Bedplates, Blocks, and Pumps are stocked. Also, remanufactured and exchange engines, compressors, and compressor cylinders are also available upon request and carry a new unit warranty of one (1) year.


In 1989, EnDyn pioneered the first field conversion kit for an 8GT to low emission technology (named the 8GTLX or X Cleanburn Kit). Other conversion and upgrade kits, as explained in our Product Bulletins and Technical Bulletins, include GT to GTL, ET/MAN to Elliott Turbochargers, Oil Pump Drive Dampener Kits (Inline & Vee), Intercooler Upgrade, Ram Manifold, Thru-Bolt / Main Bearing Cap Modification, Single Metering Valve, and Cold-Side Waste Gate. EnDyn Engineered components and assemblies include Cam Followers, PCC Check Valves, Compressor Piston Castings, and Universal Main Bearings just to name a few.