EnDyn is the exclusive distributor in the Venezuelan market for all Altronic products. Altronic, based in Girard, Ohio, is the worldwide leader in industrial ignition, digital instrumentation, and control systems for spark-ignited, natural gas-fueled engines. Their products include a wide range of digital instrumentation for gas engines and compressors, as well as air-fuel ratio controls to keep engines at peak efficiency and within emissions guidelines. EnDyn has been the formal distributor for their products in Venezuela since 2001.

Dealer Network: As the sole distributor for Venezuela, EnDyn and our dealer network will provide local inventory, repair, and technical sales/service (including field installation) for current Altronic users or customers wanting to upgrade to these products. To accomplish this commitment, EnDyn has several dealers in Venezuela (RESTINCA, HOERBIGER), as well as a direct technical sales representative, Luis Salazar.

Innovation: EnDyn and Altronic Controls have jointly developed a PowerPanel®” specifically for high-speed engine control systems including Superior.

Off-the-Shelf Delivery: EnDyn, along with our in-country dealers, stock in excess of $300,000 to support end users in Venezuela.

Technical Sales and Service: EnDyn also provides technical service and training for all Altronic products as well as sales and marketing support. Visit Altronic’s website for all technical documentation, including Spanish translations.