On June 3rd, 2010 the EnDyn family suffered the loss of a family member. Kenny Dixon passed away at his house at 10:28pm. I would like to share my thoughts of Kenny with you. Kenny was a husband, father, grandfather, friend, coworker; he is survived by his wife Wilma, daughter Elizabeth, her husband Jimmy and his 2 grand children Meagan and Garrett Blair. Most of us who knew Kenny understood how important work was to him, and I think we all saw this in the way he worked over the last year even with the many health issues.

What most people might not realize is how much Kenny meant to me and the service department. I worked for Kenny in the early 90’s at CSI. They needed a mechanic and the EnDyn shop was slow, so Kenny approached Jay and Tracy about hiring me so I could gain field experience on gas compressors. We both knew it was a short term move, but it got Kenny and CSI out of a bind and it would be of benefit to me as far as my training plan. Kenny spent countless hours helping me with compression issues, and really taught me the ends and outs of field operations. After some changes at CSI, Kenny joined team at EnDyn. Over the next 15 years, Kenny and I worked together on many projects, some we made money for EnDyn and well some we could have done better. He understood what it was to work hard and he expected others to work just as hard as he did.

On a personal level, I not only lost a friend and a coworker, but I lost a teacher. Kenny taught me so much, I could always count on help, and he was not bashful about telling me if I screwed up. That is the kind of relationship we had: Yes Kenny did work for me and he knew that, but he also understood how much I valued and respected him; so more times then not he was like a father teaching his child the rights from the wrongs.

The song at his service was spot on: “I did it my way…” — and he did do it his way!!!

Mark Little
Director of Service
EnDyn Ltd.